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We create, integrate and manage your social channels, distributing your content with the right frequency and impact.

Our Process

Deliver better content, messaging and marketing with deep audience intelligence.

Nearly 80% of Americans are on social media, resulting in billions of engagement-based actions every day. This rich, consumer-generated content provides marketers an organic view into their audience’s lifestyles, interests and brand preferences.

From hashtags to follows to retweets, we will post and analyze your social media data to unlock answers to your biggest marketing questions:

  • Who is engaging with my brand?
  • What do they look and act like?
  • How does my audience overlap with my competitors?
  • Which topics or conversations are grabbing their attention?
  • How do advertising campaigns impact my audience?
  • What other brands or influencers should I partner with?

Social media is one of the key channels available to help your business benefit. We help you build your brand, run promotions, interact with your audiences and even gain valuable information from your audience. We create, integrate and manage your social channels for distributing your content on a consistent basis.

Get Social With Us

By using social media, we can help you build your brand, run promotions, interact with your audiences and even gain valuable information from your audience. Through real-time online connections with existing and potential customers, a company can convey information regarding its brand, product and service. We create, integrate and manage your social channels for distributing your content on a regular frequency for maximum impact.

Engagement Value

Providing relevant content and targeted value on social is essential. While at first blush it may be counterintuitive, social media marketing is not about making a sales pitch. Instead, it's about something that gives rather than asks. We target the value that you are providing so that it gives the most to people that are looking for it. When you give, people will be more inclined to purchase.

Consistency & Frequency

We post both consistently and frequently to promote your brand on social media, while still providing value in your posts. We determine ways for your business to provide value, devise a schedule with consistency and frequency, and execute. We use technology platforms that enhance the deliverability and proliferation of your social content. This is a key component of how we build your following.

Analysis and Adjustment

In addition to our expertise, we also have access to technology that can consolidate, illuminate, analyze and help prove the business value and effectiveness of your social media content marketing and advertising. We don't simply “set it and forget it." We constantly monitor to make sure your brand is capturing valuable engagement with your audience - because that's where the true magic happens.

Our Social Media Marketing Packages

From small business to larger e-commerce projects, the following social media marketing options are specifically tailored to fulfill your needs and satisfy budget requirements. Get the biggest bang for your marketing buck!

Need Something A Bit More Customized?

Need a custom solution? We can provide a bespoke package to your exact specifications. Contact us for details.

Helping businesses of all sizes...

We enjoy assisting you in your journey to move to digital, create more effective marketing channels, assess effectiveness, and enhance (or re-design) your digital presence. 

Simply put, your success results in our success.

"Exceptional Work Ethic!"

Crystal Coast Media did several amazing things for the non-profit I work for -- they freed us from the previous gridlock of an outdated content management system, networked all of our social media portals, and did it all in a relatively short amount of time. It looks great, it works, and they delivered. That makes Crystal Coast Media a rare and valuable find!
Natalie Miller-Moore
Health Communications Consultant

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