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We provide creative advertising solutions that yield valuable, actionable insights that you can implement to sharpen your overal digital marketing efforts.

Our Process

Using Data to Inform Your Marketing Decisions

We provide creative advertising solutions that yield valuable, actionable insights that you can implement to sharpen your overal digital marketing efforts. We deploy and manage your ads on leading digital ad platforms, with creative messaging and graphics that reflects your company’s unique value proposition and delivered to a hyper-targeted audience informed by data.

Some Google Analytics companies provide you with nothing more than a lengthy report with pages upon pages of facts, figures, and charts. They expect that you’ll understand the data well enough to make critical decisions about your online advertising. 

We believe that our clients’ success comes not only from our creativity and experienced analysis and data interpretation, but also from the level of customized reporting and one-on-one consultation that we provide.

Creative Ads Backed By Data-Driven Content

Facebook Ads Management

We work across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network to find your target audience and show them company-centric and customer-centric content of value - content that delivers the growth your business needs. Find out how we can boost your business with Facebook Ads management services.

Google Ads Management

For businesses with ambitious growth targets, a profitable Google Ads campaign is critical. Organic ranking takes years, but Google Ads position your business at the top of search results right away. Plus, an optimized click-through-rate combined with a well-designed landing page and strategic value-driven content, these ads quickly drive conversions. Let us help you get started with Google Ads today.

Professional Platform Setup

The initial setup of your ads platforms is just as critical as the ads themselves. We know how to properly set up your Facebook and Google Ads platforms to deliver the right results, integrate with your website and content, and ensure ads are both targeted and delivered. From setting up campaign budget strategies, developing creatives and templates, to automated reporting and analysis, we handle it all from the start.

Our Ads Management Packages

Through our own research, we’ve found that our clients typically fall into one of the following monthly options. Using that knowledge, we have specifically tailored these options to fulfill your needs and still satisfy budget requirements.

Need Something A Bit More Customized?

Need a custom solution? We can provide a bespoke package to your exact specifications. Contact us for details

Helping businesses of all sizes...

We enjoy assisting you in your journey to move to digital, create more effective marketing channels, assess effectiveness, and enhance (or re-design) your digital presence. Simply put, your success results in our success.

"Increased Awareness, Interest and Participation"

I have worked closely with Gavin and his firm, Crystal Coast Media, over many months on an extremely rich variety of international projects - many of great originality and considerable complexity. Their ITC skills have moved us onto a new plane in international communications, resulting in increased awareness, interest, and participation by institutions, corporations, NGOs and prominent academics and other professionals.
Michael Flannery
Director - NHP, Ltd.

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