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Strategic Analysis | Actionable Insights

We provide valuable, actionable insights that you can implement to sharpen your digital marketing efforts.

Our Process

Using Data to Inform Your Marketing Decisions

Are you tracking your digital marketing data? Do you have a bunch of it, but not sure how to use it? We give you one-to-one analysis and data interpretation and consulting for your business. We provide valuable, actionable insights that you can implement to sharpen your digital marketing efforts.

Some Google Analytics companies provide you with nothing more than a lengthy report with pages upon pages of facts, figures, and charts. They expect that you’ll understand the data well enough to make critical decisions about your online business.

We give you one-to-one analysis and data interpretation and consulting for your business. Our experienced team is happy to provide valuable consulting on your website data, and offers the following services:

  • Google Analytics tracking setup on new websites
  • Setup of customized goals and events
  • Integration with social media, ex. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Segmentation of audiences
  • Setup of custom monthly reports delivered via email
  • Setup of custom notifications and alerts

These options are provided in our Basic plan. By choosing our Advanced  package or above, you also receive the following services:

  • Visitor loyalty reporting
  • Visitor bounce rate reporting
  • Insights on user location, or geo-profiling
  • Insights via heatmapping
  • Site optimization intelligence reports

Strategic Data Analysis & Actionable Insights

The importance of tracking and measuring cross-channel touch points cannot be overstated. Understanding your marketing data is critical to maximizing media investiments, driving planning, and supporting messaging across devices and platforms.

Analytics Integration

We completely setup your analytics and reporting platforms, then meticulously integrate each and every marketing channel into them. Proper integration leads to a more comprehensive, whole-of-view reporting on your entire marketing eco-system.

Custom Reporting

Being able to analyze and predict your audience’s actions can have a big lift in your sales and/or traffic. Watching trends, paying attention to seasons and constantly analyzing your competitors’ actions can help to determine these behavioral patterns.

Actionable Insights

The key subject in user experience and the most important of all subjects, conversions is the final action the consumer makes to make the visit a success. Whether it’s a sale, or a lead, we can help maximize conversions while minimizing the cost.

Our Marketing Data Analysis Packages

Through our own research, we’ve found that our clients typically fall into one of the following monthly options. Using that knowledge, we have specifically tailored these options to fulfill your needs and still satisfy budget requirements.

Need Something A Bit More Customized?

Need a custom build with all the bells and whistles? Want a specific e-commerce or membership solution? Want a more complex multi-functional site? We can provide a bespoke package to your exact specifications. Contact us for details.

Helping businesses of all sizes...

We enjoy assisting you in your journey to move to digital, create more effective marketing channels, assess effectiveness, and enhance (or re-design) your digital presence. Simply put, your success results in our success.

"Crystal Coast Media Has Been Instrumental"

Gavin P. Smith of Crystal Coast Media has tremendous knowledge and experience in digital and social media as well as expertise in traditional broadcasting and journalism. Crystal Coast Media has been instrumental in creating our online capabilities as well as in our efforts to build our audience and extend our capabilities. In addition, Gavin is a dedicated, hard working and a great innovator as well as being a wonderful person to work with.
Jane Karwoski McCracken

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